Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Crisp $100 Bills

Republican lawyers arrived at the Chester County courthouse yesterday with a stack of 'em, says on-the-scene reporter Nancy Petersen.

They had to put down a $100 cash deposit for each petition. They filed 29, one for every precinct.

GOP lawyers Lawrence Tabas and Nick D'Alessandro arrived 20 minutes after the prothonotary's office should have closed for the day.

Livin' large.

The GOP also added to their legal lineup.

Former Supreme Court Justice and former county Republican Chairman William Lamb - he's still Justice Lamb around West Chester - will hit for the red team.


John & Nancy said...

Daily Local article today 12/7/06

Old Man Eloquent said...

Do we know how long a hand recount would take for this race?

Jim said...

The length of time could vary widely, depending on the procedures, but more importantly on how many teams of counters and observers work on it.

At one extreme, there would be a single team counting all 23,000+ ballots. However, with enough people involved, I could envision as many as 29 teams, with each team counting a single precinct. The latter would move 29 times as fast.

Speaking of "counts," I think we can count on the Republicans to request the slowest route, so the job will extend beyond the beginning of January, when the House Speaker vote comes up.