Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's over. Really. We mean it this time!

From Mari Schaefer, who was back in court this morning after a long night in West Chester:

It’s over. The Democrats have won the 156th Legislative District in Chester County — and control of the state House of Representatives.

At a court hearing this morning, Chester County Deputy Solicitor Thomas L. Whiteman read the results of the two-day recount:

Democrat Barbara McIlvaine Smith, 11,616; Republican Shannon Royer, 11,588. That’s a difference of 28 votes.

Shortly after, the lawyers for both parties agreed to drop their challenges, and the results will now move to the county election board for certification.

Smith, who was called after the court hearing, came rushing to the scene and thanked election officials for moving so quickly to recount the optical scan ballots and recanvass the electronic touch-screen voting machines.

“I’m glad it’s over,” Smith said.

Lawrance Tabas, the lead attorney for the Republicans, joked: “So, I guess we won’t be spending Christmas with you, your honor.”

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Jim said...

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