Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Forget a Possible Recount

Choose a new speaker!

Today, the House Democratic Caucus nominated Minority Leader Bill "Love that Thesaurus" DeWeese to the top spot, which will be formally decided in January.

Democrats seem to be trying to create a sense of inevitability - their party is in charge, so no need to pay much attention to the Chester County sideshow.

“Today’s gathering was convened so that we can meet the wishes of voters across the Commonwealth who decided November 7 that they want a Democratic majority to lead the state House of Representatives,” DeWeese said in a statement. “While our margin is just one seat, in fact this year’s election saw the largest change of seats from one party to the other since 1978 and represents a call for change from the past 12 years of Republican leadership.”

Two things should be noted:

DeWeese has been in charge of the Democratic caucus for the last 13 years.

Republicans did the same thing as Democrats. Two weeks ago, claiming a majority in the House, the GOP caucus nominated John Perzel for another term as speaker.

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