Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Life of a ballot counter

From Mari Schaefer:

After 15 years working on national campaigns, Paula Schultze got tired of long work days and wanted to do something besides "eating Chinese dinners at 2 a.m." Schultze, 52, moved to West Chester and became involved in local Democratic politics.

Now, she's counting ballots.

At first, she didn't know what to expect.

"Yesterday, in the morning it was pretty intense because it was all new," said Schultze.

But after a few hours, everything was running smoothly. The ballots, she said, were all in good shape and easy to count and read. They were not crumpled or man-handled.

Schultze did flag a couple ballots. One - a Smith ballot - she brought to the attention of the election officials because it was placed in the Royer pile when the ballots were being sorted.

"They all begin to look the same after a while," she said.

Schultze was prepared to give up her Christmas to perform her "patriotic duty" and make sure the ballot count was done correctly.

Now, with the last group of ballots on the table, it looks like she'll be singing, "I'll be home for Christmas."

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matthew said...

who does it look like is winning