Wednesday, December 20, 2006

That was easy

From Mari Schaefer:

The recount is done. Finished. Over.

The Democrats claim that Smith picked up three votes and is now ahead by 27 votes.

This from Tom Andrews, a spokesman for Speaker-in-Waiting Bill DeWeese (D., Greene): “The methodical ballot-by-ballot recount confirms the earlier results. Barbara McIlvaine Smith won the election in the 156th District and House Democrats have a 102-101 majority.”

The Republicans aren't quite ready to give up.

A judge tomorrow will sort through 12 challenges and consider what to do about the 12 missing ballots. Still, the outstanding ballots aren't enough to tip the election - and control of the state House - back to the Republicans.

But, as one Republican lawyer put it, "Unless you are going to call one of us fat or unless you are going to say one of us is singing, it isn't over."


Stephen said...

Wait... how is it not over? Are they going to ask for ANOTHER recount?

Jim said...

If you want to see and hear the fat lady singing, please go to

nathanielbsmith said...

And the co-winner, with Barb (though the co-winner can't vote in Harrisburg or perform constituent services as Barb can)‚ is Voter-Verified Paper Ballots, which stood the test well in the recount, thus setting a good precedent that gives Chester County voters confidence in the fairness of their vote, whatever else may be happening in perennial trouble spots like Florida. Thanks to all involved in that wise decision by the County!