Wednesday, December 6, 2006

We Heart Perzel

Will that get you to come out?

Probably not, we realize, but it conveys our desire to get word of your existence. We promise to call you Mr. Speaker, maybe even Moses (see Democratic Shuffle to the Promised Land below).

Ever since last Tuesday, when House Republicans appeared to have lost their majority, you have been so MIA.

Inquirer pro Mario Cattabiani has called so many times, you're probably contemplating a restraining order. More than a dozen times between your home, cell phone and spokesman. No response.

Now we hear that you might emerge from your undisclosed arm-twisting location and travel to this weekend's Pennsylvania Society gathering in New York.


1 comment:

Old Man Eloquent said...

"Speaker Perzel" could still keep his post if the GOP wins the recount in 156...a possibility that I don't think enough folks are taking seriously.