Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gloating Democrats, Day 2

Harrisburg headliner, Amy Worden, reports on some powerful figurines:

Last month at the Pennsylvania Press Club Gridiron Dinner, legendary Democratic prop man Gene Stilp handed out little wooden cows with the slogan - “Re-Moove John Perzel As Speaker” - stamped on the sides, in a reference to Perzel’s infamous “milkers make more” defense of last year's legislative pay raise.

Stilp, who noted Perzel also claimed some Philadelphia tattoo artists made more than lawmakers, followed up today: “Although everything isn’t settled yet, it appears that we are now going to help John Perzel find a job as a tattoo artist or a cow milker - not sure which one he desires. Either way, his hands will be at work at something.”

See, Mr. Speaker, even your foes care about your well-being.

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Julius said...

Maybe the Gov didn't want to talk to Cliff after Cliff started handing out people's driving records he obtained from Rendell's State Department and the Gov's PENNDOT. Maybe Cliff knows how many points Rendell's driver has on his record speeding up and down the PA Turnpike.