Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Math

In the veryclose race for the 156th District, absentee ballots went uncounted in eight precincts - at least according to the Democrats.

Republicans say only seven precincts remain in question. (It's the reason why Republicans say 171 absentee ballots still need to be tabulated, while Democrats put the figure at 210.)

But in these parts, that's just one of several points of disagreement.

Democrats are optimistic about the outcome because Barbara Smith won seven of those eight precincts on Election Day.

For those who care, the precincts were West Chester 2e, West Chester 5, West Chester 7, West Goshen M2, West Goshen S1, East Goshen S4 (Smith lost here), East Goshen 4, and East Goshen 9.

Republicans say West Goshen S1 isn't in question.

And they aren't intimidated by those Election Day numbers.

Remember Karl Rove's comment before the midterm election? "You are entitled to your math, and I'm entitled to the math," he told a National Public Radio interviewer who hinted that Democrats might win.

The Republican Math in Chester County shows that most of the voters who cast the uncounted absentee ballots were Republican, according to party spokesman and official quipster Al Bowman.


Michael J. said...

Have they shown up to start yet? Or will they start after lunch again?

Evan said...

Hi Carrie -- Thanks for the update. I'm sorry if this is a naive question, but exactly how can something as seemingly "obvious" as whether or not a precinct's absentee ballots have been counted be in question? Is the counting process THAT opaque or arcane? I can see how the results of a count could be subject for debate (which ballots were rejected, and why, for example) but shouldn't the fact of whether or not a count of absentee ballots has occurred, or not, be self-evident?