Monday, November 27, 2006

It's now a 12-vote race

Military and citizen overseas ballots in the 156th District also broke in favor of the Democrat. Smith is now behind Royer by 12 votes, according to Democratic lawyers. More in a few minutes.


larryceisler said...

I guess the gain in the overseas and military ballots amount to an endorsement of the House Democrats Foreign Policy Plank. Now we will see if we can do as well on the domestic Front.

carrie - now isn't this more fun than Casey-Santorum?

Charles F. Stanton said...

I wonder if this is the current running count or the preliminary final count?

Fencemaster said...

One thing that no one else has mentioned in reporting why there were so many uncounted absentee ballots: this is the first election using optical-scan ballots instead of punch-card ballots, and with the change in hardware comes a change in procedure. With punch-card ballots, the absentee ballots were all sent from the precincts back to the GSC for counting -- this is the first election where Judges of Election were to count absentee ballots at the precinct. It's therefore perfectly understandable that some might forget that they were supposed to handle them in an entirely new way this year.