Monday, November 27, 2006

It's just like high school

The cliques don't mix.

In the third-floor cafeteria of the government building, Republicans and Democrats sit on opposite sides of the room, at their own tables.

Not sure which are the cool kids.

The Republicans at least seem to be laughing more.


Charles F. Stanton said...

As a non-Pennsylvanian, what was the make up of the House before the election?

Michael J. said...

109 R to 94 D (one D retired to make it 93, but the D's retained that seat)

John said...

Laughing how? Are they dumping strawberry milkshakes on the dem lawyers and laughing? Are they twirling their mustaches and chuckling into their top hats?

Maybe nobody's the cool kids. Maybe the dem lawers are the chess club kids, and the republican lawyers are the, well... Young Republican kids. Maybe the Naderites are gonna bust in and leave *everyone* swinging from a locker room hook, or something.