Tuesday, November 28, 2006

While the GOP retreats to an undisclosed location ...

Democrats gloat.

The press releases are coming at a fast clip.

An understated Gov. Rendell: “After weeks of vote tallying, I am pleased that the race is finally decided, and that a Democrat has captured yet another key victory in this important election cycle.”

(Note to Rendell: As of 3:15 p.m., Democratic lawyer Clifford Levine was still wondering when he might hear from you. DeWeese made the call.)

A self-assured state representative: “We were extremely confident that this seat would be won by the Democratic candidate when all the votes were counted,” said Rep. Dan Frankel, chairman of the House Democratic Campaign Committee. “And we were right.”

A buoyant party chairman: “Undoubtedly, this victory will change the way business is done in Harrisburg and will allow Gov. Rendell to work with an eager Democratic majority in the House,” said Democratic honcho T.J. Rooney.

Where have all the Republicans gone?

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