Monday, November 27, 2006

There's no shortage of lawyers

Only an ATM, vending machines and about 100 feet of carpeting separate the two sides: Republicans and Democrats fighting for control of the state House.

The group includes at least six attorneys, party workers and one campaign manager. It's the first day for this blog, but the crew here at Chester County's government building is entering its fourth week in their battle over the 156th House district, which now places Republican Shannon Royer ahead of Democrat Barbara Smith by 19 votes.

Right now, there's a whole lot of nothing going on.

The Democrats are camped out in a dimly lighted hallway -- ironically, to the left of the voter services office. A few are huddled around a laptop; their spokesman, Bill Patton, is punching away on his BlackBerry. Lani Frank, who managed the Democrat's campaign, just arrived. Clifford Levine, the Democrats top lawyer, quickly pulled her aside.

Republicans took position in the lobby, near the windows. One is reading a newspaper. The rest are talking. And waiting. And waiting some more.


George Buddy said...

Great idea. You and Inquirer are to be commended for using this method tokeep people informed. Perhaps a first? West Chester must be an exciting place to wait!

Why doesn't the Board of Elections just tell both sides that the final count will be at a certain date and time? Why should everybody have to hang around? What are they doing, printing up the ballots?

George Buddy, Enola, PA

Liz said...

Thank you for watching this so we don't have to. How about little background on Chester County Voter Services? What caused the problems with the counts of the absentee ballots? Who is on the Board of Elections? Does it have equal bi-partisan membership? Are they appointed by the Commissioners or elected? What are their terms of office?

Just a few questions while you are there waiting.

Liz Morris

TeresaInPa said...

okay, so what is going on right now?