Monday, November 27, 2006

So what are they waiting for?

The count to begin. But lots of things must happen first, much of it technical stuff that seems to take time -- and doesn't make for good TV footage.

In an attempt to appease several antsy broadcast reporters, Evelyn Walker, the county spokeswoman, offered to show them what was happening. She walked to the voter services office, opened the heavy wooden door and did her best "Price is Right" hand sweep.

What we saw was one guy at a printer.

The point is this: Chester County 2006 isn't Florida 2000. There aren't tables of workers holding up ballots to the light for dimpled, pregnant and bloated chads.

But here's what is going on. The lawyers just entered a conference room to observe as overseas and military ballots are transferred onto the scan cards, which will then be included when the counting begins. This is one step in the process. There are 81 of them in the 167th District and 55 in the 156th District, Walker says.

So when might that counting begin? Walker shrugged. Maybe after lunch, she added.

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Jeff in CA said...

Are those 55 votes part of the 270 total? Or is the 270 total now increased by 55 votes? Or is the 270 total now reduced by 81 votes?